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Technology Overview
site-serv DDA Framework
Get your system up in days with site-serv's Database Driven Application (DDA) Framework. The framework is designed to abstract the interaction between the business domain and data model. After defining the input-output requirements of the system, the DDA Framework makes it easy to generate a business domain model that can be plugged into any database or presentation layer (web- or desktop-based).
Web Technologies
  We use a combination of Javascript, DHTML, database programming, and other web technologies to deliver an interactive and immersive user experience that is not feasible with traditional web applications.
Payment Gateway Integration
  We can integrate with your preferred payment gateway and shopping cart system, including PayPal.
Java/Microsoft Technologies
Java, JSP, .NET, C#, Visual Basic, C++
  A variety of programming languages and frameworks can be applied to deliver web- or desktop-centric applications.
Tomcat, JBoss, IIS
  Tomcat, JBoss, or IIS web servers will be deployed depending on the business requirements.
Database Technologies
MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  We can integrate with a variety of existing database management systems or develop a database from scratch using the most applicable technology.